The harsh winter weather can increase the potential for insurance claims. One of the ways to prepare for the cold seasons is to make sure your home can withstand the harsh conditions. If you are living in Des Moines or around Iowa, making your home maintenance a priority in the fall can have significant potential benefits during winter. Not only will you be confident that your home is in good condition for the winter season, but you will also reduce the chances of insurance claims in the future. Some of the areas you will need to focus on include:

Indoors and Interiors

  • Set your thermostat above 55 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent pipes from freezing while allowing warm water to trickle from faucets overnight
  • Get your boiler system and furnace checked before you start using them regularly
  • Get a professional to clean your chimney before you start using the fireplace
  • Clean the space behind your clothes, while removing any dust or lint that may have accumulated inside
  • Inspect your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors – The cool and dry weather during fall can cause static electricity that increases the risk of sparking a fire
  • Replace batteries in your detectors and make sure everything is working well

Outdoors and Exterior

  • Make sure your gutters are secured to the house and check for any damages. Clean any debris, like falling leaves, ice, and sticks to prevent moisture from building up or ice dam from forming and damaging your roof or siding
  • Assess the roof for cracks and leaks, checking the seal around the skylights and chimney to prepare for heavy snow. Get a professional to fix if any repairs are needed.
  • Check your downspouts and eaves trough for debris to allow water drainage and prevent water from entering the house foundation or flooding your basement.
  • Trim any tree limbs hanging over the house to prevent any damages that would be caused if they fell during a storm. Get a professional to cut tree limbs that may be hanging over power lines.
  • Disconnect the garden hose and cut off water flow to the outside to prevent freezing pipes in winter.
  • Store your outdoor furniture, grill, and garden decorations to prevent damages from weathering a storm. This also prevents them from blowing around the home and causing damage to your house.

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