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What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance, or excess liability insurance, provides an extra layer of protection to your insurance plan. An umbrella policy provides additional coverage on top of your underlying policies like your auto or home policies. If you or a family member are involved in a serious car accident or someone is badly hurt on your property, you could easily be looking at a bill or a lawsuit of several hundred thousand to several million dollars.

A typical personal auto policy has a maximum liability limit of $500,000. If you are legally responsible for a $1,000,000 settlement, your auto insurance would only pay your policy limit of $500,000, and you would be responsible for the other $500,000 if you did not have an umbrella policy.

An umbrella insurance policy, which is typically issued in $1,000,000 increments from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000, picks up where your other insurance policy liability limits reach their maximum. If you have an auto insurance liability limit of $500,000 and you have a $1,000,000 umbrella policy, you would have liability protection up to $1,500,000 to protect you in with a covered auto claim.

We can help you determine if you need an umbrella insurance policy, and being an independent agency, can quote your needs through several companies to find you the best fit.

Do I need Umbrella Insurance?2020-04-24T14:50:33-05:00

The point of an umbrella policy is to protect your assets and net worth from a lawsuit. If you have the assets and net worth to protect, an umbrella policy makes sense. It is a good investment for anyone who has more assets and net worth than they have in liability coverages on their auto, homeowner, and other insurance policies.

How much Umbrella coverage do I need?2020-04-24T14:51:28-05:00

Here are some simple steps to get you started:

  1. Calculate your net worth. Add the value of all assets (home, autos, cash, stocks and bonds, retirement accounts, etc.) and then subtract the value of all your debts.
  2. Review your liability limits on your existing insurance policies (auto, homeowners, motorcycle, boat, etc.).
  3. Take the smallest liability limit from step 2 and subtract from the number you figured in step 1. The difference is the amount that is unprotected.
What are the advantages of an independent insurance agency?2020-04-28T11:47:01-05:00

Jeff Johnson Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency, which allows us to quote a number of different companies to find you the best fit and the best price for your insurance needs.  Benefits of working with us as independent agents include:

  • Save time – we do the leg work for you to quote numerous options
  • Offer choices – we aren’t a captive agency and limited to representing one company
  • Offer Expert, Unbiased advice – we can quote numerous companies to find you the best fit and are not biased to steer you to a single company
  • Save money – with so many options to quote, we can find you the best value for your money
  • Forge a long term relationship – if your company loses its competitiveness over the years, we can requote you with all of our other options and keep you as a customer as your agent
Who is Atlas Insurance Brokers?2020-04-28T11:46:51-05:00

Jeff Johnson Insurance Agency is affiliated with Atlas Insurance Brokers, LLC, which is based out of Rochester, Minnesota. Atlas provides services for over 100 agencies throughout Minnesota and Iowa. The affiliation gives our Agency greater flexibility and a number of options to provide you the most cost-effective and comprehensive insurance packages and provide you with the best fit for your needs.

Who do I contact if I have an accident or claim?2020-05-08T16:05:08-05:00

If you have an accident or claim you can contact Jeff or Dan at Jeff Johnson Insurance Agency and they can assist you through the process or you can contact the company you are insured with using their 800 contact information on our Customer Service page.

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