Depending on how much you drive or even the make of your car, basic car insurance may not be enough. You could get into a situation that will require you to have more than a standard coverage to get compensated. To make sure you are adequately covered, it is important to evaluate your coverage on a regular basis.

At Jeff Johnson Insurance Agency, we understand that every circumstance requires a unique approach. It is important for you to occasionally re-evaluate your insurance policy to ensure that you are adequately covered. As far as auto insurance is considered, certain circumstances are better off when given that extra coverage.

When You May Need More than Basic Coverage

In certain circumstances, you are better off having more than just basic coverage. Some of these circumstances include:

  • Teen Drivers: Most parents understand the dangers and risks associated with teen drivers. Just like in any other field, new drivers tend to make more mistakes on the road. As such, they are more susceptible to minor crashes and other damages. So, before putting your teenager before the wheel, go through your insurance policy to make sure they are adequately covered.
  • Rental Cars: When driving a car that does not belong to you, you have to be extra careful. Even if you are only driving for a short distance, getting that extra coverage will put you on the safer side of the equation in case of anything.
  • Collector Cars: These cars are an adventure on the wheel, but important to protect them. Whether you are a driving enthusiast or a restoration hobbyist, getting the extra coverage protects from the risk of theft and damage.
  • Sports Cars: Those who want power and might get a lot of thrill from sports cars. They are fun to drive as the powerful engines bring out the amazing inner speed. However, they are neither fun nor cheap to replace. In fact, a basic auto policy will not cover your sports car unless to get extra coverage.

Bottom Line

Accidents are inevitable, and you can never be careful enough. While standard auto insurance will cover you from basic eventualities, certain situations require extra precaution. You need to be sure that you are well covered and have a peace of mind that you are well covered.

Reach out to our agents at Jeff Johnson Insurance Agency and we will help you re-evaluate your current insurance to make sure you are well covered.