As the winter nears, the temperatures start to drop. For many homeowners, this means spending more money on electricity to heat up their homes. While spending more on electricity may be inevitable during winter, you can save on your expenses if you plan well. Learn how to save on electricity, and keep your energy bills affordable during this fall and winter.

For people living in Central Iowa, winter can be colder than other places. However, the cost incurred in heating up the house should be not excessively higher compared to other regions. In fact, you can keep your costs minimal by making simple adjustments to your home and behavior during winter. These simple tips from Jeff Johnson Insurance can help you keep your home warm and save on electricity costs.

  1. Keep Cold Out and Heat In

The central Iowa weather is one of the coldest in the region. Without a proper plan, you could end up spending a huge amount of money on your electricity bills. Among the effective ways of saving on your electricity is controlling your temperature. Specifically, focus on keeping the heat inside your home while preventing cold from entering.

You can use several ways to keep heat in your home and the cold outside. For example, you can start to repair any cracks on your windowsills or doorway that might let in the winter draft. You may also keep your windows covered during this season to prevent cold aid from seeping into the house. Another way would be to check for drafts in recessed lights, around the chimney, and in unfinished spaces like the basement and attic. It may also be a good idea to invest in double-paned windows and add extra insulation to help maintain your home’s internal temperature.

Since the cold enters the hours through any openings, try to fill any cracks on windows, doors, and other openings using silicone. The simple act of sealing the cracks can help keep the heat in the house. Check for any holes in walls, light switches, and electric outlets, and insulate them to keep heat inside the house.

  1. Adjust Your Home Temperature

While it may be the coldest time of the year, it does not mean that you run your heating system at all times. In fact, the longer you keep the heating system running, the more electricity you will use. Consequently, the more expenses you are going to incur. You can keep your electricity costs down by adjusting the heat to low or turning off the system completely whenever possible.

There are several instances in a day when you can adjust the temperature of your house to save electricity costs. For instance, you can turn off the heat when you have left the house or the temperature is accommodative. When you are home, try layering on some warm clothes while keeping the thermostat low. Similarly, turn down the thermostat to about 10 degrees when you are sleeping at night to maximize the savings on your energy bill.

You should strive to ensure that the thermostat is off when no one is home. In fact, smart thermostats can be programmed to specify the number of hours they should run and when to turn off. You can program such a thermostat to switch off when you leave the house and to automatically just before you get back home.

  1. Maintain Your Heating System

The condition of your home’s heating system may greatly affect the amount of electricity you will use to heat up the home during winter. To keep the electricity consumption of your heating system, make sure you schedule regular maintenance. By maintaining your heating system on a regular basis, you ensure that it is operating efficiently and cost-effectively. Apart from maintenance, it is also important to clear the furnace filter on a monthly basis to increase its efficiency to over 50 percent.

Bottom Line

Winter in Central Iowa is one of the coldest in the country. With the tips shared in this article, you can keep your electricity costs minimal and avoid incurring unnecessary expenditure in heating up the house. At Jeff Johnson Insurance, we offer some of the best home insurance coverage in Waukee, Iowa. As you prepare to keep your home warm during winter, consider partnering with us to save on your insurance cost. For assistance, contact Jeff or Dan, and get immediate consultation on the right coverages.