Home Maintenance Tips for Summer

Summer is that time of the year where you get to be outside and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of sunshine. With the longer days and warm temperatures, you can achieve a lot more in a day. You can go for picnics, host a barbecue in the backyard, or just enjoy drinks and snacks on the patio. In any case, your home should be a source of enjoyment and joy during summer.

If you haven’t prepared enough, all this can be elusive. The harsh winter weather can leave a mark that may tamper your home or make it difficult to enjoy summer at home. Therefore, you may need to do seasonal maintenance of your home to make sure it is ready for the warmest seasons. Jeff Johnson Insurance recommends the following home maintenance tips for summer.

Assess Your Home at the Start of the Season

Before the start of the season, you may need to assess your home and make sure it is in good condition. Preparing your home for summer should give you a sense of satisfaction, knowing that nothing is broken, damaged, or need replacing during summer. Doing the assessment earlier than the commencement of summer will ensure you identify any damages early, make necessary repairs, and mitigate any risks to keep your family safe.

As you assess your home, pay close attention to both the inside and outside. You should be interested in any visible wear and tear or damages in your home. You may also look for evidence of unwanted guests, such as rodents and wildlife. Walk around the home to make sure everything is in place and get a full view and visual inspection of the house.

Start with Inside of the House

Start your assessment with the house interior to make sure everything is in order. Check the locks on your doors by opening the doors and making sure they close and latch properly. Then check all your window locks for functioning, door and window screen for any holes, and just the overall look of your house openings.

Once you have assessed the openings, start looking at the specific components of your home. Check the electrical cords and outlets for potential fire hazards, including loose-fitting plugs and frayed wires. Examine power strips and extension cords because they are not designed as a permanent fixture but need to be used only on an interim basis.

Then inspect your toilet for any leaks or issues with the float valve and plumbing connections. Check whether the washing machine hoses need any replacement and if everything is functioning as expected. Also, check and replace the furnace filter to reduce the risk of fire hazards, clean your lint trap and dryer vent, and the space under the dryer.

Inspect Outside of the House

Your living space goes beyond the four walls of your house. After the harsh winter season, you need to check whether everything is in a good state. Check any wood structures, including decks and steps, for rot and other deterioration. Fix ad replace any loose or damaged boards and drive any protruding nails.

Inspect your doors and windows from outside for damages, and walk through the house perimeter to check for any damages. If you have recreational equipment like a swing set on your property, this is a good time to inspect it for damages like sharp edges and rusty bolts. You may also need to have your roof inspected by a professional and get an overall assessment report of your home.

How Jeff Johnson Insurance Can Help

Jeff Johnson Insurance is an independent agency in Waukee, Iowa. We specialize in providing both personal and small business lines of insurance coverage. With the understanding of the impact of harsh weather conditions, we offer homeowners insurance to cover the losses and damages to your home. This coverage will protect your home in different situations to ensure you are always prepared for the warmest season of the year. Request a quote today.