Personal liability during the Coronavirus crisis has changed in some ways. While the founding principles of the personal liability coverage remain the same, how you approach it may need some adjustment. Let’s have a look at exactly what has changed.

What is Personal Liability Coverage

Personal liability coverage is a part of a home insurance policy, which is meant to reimburse the policyholder for legal expenses. This could be if you or any member of your household member causes damage or injury to someone else’s property. Since the policy covers the expenses related to damages and injuries, it is usually helpful to homeowners with kids or dogs. It gives you peace of mind that any property damage or injury caused by your dependents or pets is covered.

Effects of COVID-19

Following the spread of the coronavirus, people have had to adjust their lifestyles. With kids now being at home constantly, they are a potential threat or demanding other people’s property as they wander about the neighborhood. During this time, it is critical to be mindful of attractive nuisances at your home. This could be a leashed dog on your property or a pool that could make a child curious and find a way to your property.

Why Personal Liability Coverage

Personal liability coverage during this coronavirus period will protect you from legal expenses that may arise due to such circumstances. the policy covers you whenever a guest or a passerby gets injured while on your property. Ensure that you have at least $300,000 in liability coverage that will be used to reimburse you for exorbitant legal expenses. Dog owners also need to check whether the insurance provider covers their breed.

While you may not have considered the importance of personal liability, you may need to take action for protection during this pandemic. At Jeff Johnson Insurance Agency, we offer all the necessary advice and guidance to those looking for consumer insurance in the Greater Des Moines area.