With everything that is happening around you, you will want to check on your insurance coverage occasionally. Life changes fast, and the only way to keep up is to change yourself as well. As life changes, so do your property coverage. At Jeff Johnson Insurance Agency, we always encourage our clients to do an insurance checkup to ensure everything is working out on their favor.

Why You Need an Insurance Checkup

Several things will happen if you do not do an insurance checkup. On one hand, you could be carrying too much coverage, which means you are overpaying. On the other hand, your coverage may be too little, meaning that you are taking too much risk. A quick checkup will help me determine whether your coverage is too much or just adequate. The following approaches will come in handy when checking your insurance coverage:

Your Home

The first thing that should come to mind when thinking about coverage is your home. You could be thinking to remodel it or buy a new home. When revisiting your homeowner’s insurance consider whether:

  • The actual value of belongings is covered, the insurance has a replacement policy, and if it is still the right choice
  • The insurance policy is adequate to cover your current plans or rebuilding costs

Your Car

The car is perhaps the most common item that people think of when the idea of revisiting insurance pops up. Evaluating your auto coverage regularly is indeed important to ensure you are getting a fair deal. Consider:

  • Whether you have an older vehicle that no longer needs a comprehensive coverage
  • Whether you have gotten married recently or you have a teen that will start driving soon
  • What would happen if an uninsured driver hit you?

Overall Considerations

The importance of revisiting your insurance coverage cannot be overlooked. It gives you the peace of mind that you are getting a fair deal. You are not paying too much, nor are you taking too much risk. On a more general note, consider:

  • The deductible amount and whether you are comfortable with it
  • Whether you have enough liability coverage for protection from unexpected events, like calamities or being sued.

It’s Time to Check In

If you are wondering when it is the right time to revisit your coverage, NOW is a perfect time. Conducting an insurance checkup regularly will help you prevent your problems even before they stop. You will have your home insurance in check, and your auto coverage favoring your needs. If you are anticipating a change in your circumstances, let’s talk about the options that you have. You may end up saving a few bucks.