Holiday seasons are fun, and nothing is more beautiful than those Christmas indoor and outdoor lights. While it may look amazing and satisfying to the eye, you also need to put in place fireplace and Christmas tree safety measures to prevent candle fires. There is also the risk of falls from a ladder when hanging decorations and stringing lights, incidents of lacerations from broken ornaments, and other holiday-specific injuries.

As you prepare and set up the holiday mood, make sure you keep plenty of water for your live Christmas trees, keep lit candles away from flammable items, and be cautious when standing on a chair or ladder to hand decorations.

Tips to Prevent Christmas Tree Fire Hazards

  • Keep your live Christmas tree fresh – Branches should not break, and make sure the needles are hard to pull from branches. Keep the bottom of the trunk stick with resin.
  • Daily water level checks – Remember to check the water level of your tree daily, making sure the stand is filled with water especially if the room is heated.
  • Keep the Tree in a Cool Place – The tree should be placed away from heat sources such as vents, fireplaces, and radiators.
  • Remove Christmas Tree Traffic – Place Christmas tree in a place that is out of traffic and avoid blocking doorways.
  • Check for Fire Resistant Label – If it is an artificial tree, check whether it is fire resistant, but still take the necessary measures to keep it safe.

Tips to Prevent Electrical Fires  

  • Buy Lights from reputable retailers – Check whether the lights are approved by CSA, Intertek, or UL, and other nationally recognized testing labs.
  • Never use electric lights on metallic trees
  • Inspect the Lights – Check the conditions of the lights and throw away any cracked or broken sockets, bare or frayed wires, and loose connections.
  • Use Extension Cords for Intended Use – Avoid mixing up indoor and outdoor cords
  • Plug Outdoor Lights into circuits protected by GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters)
  • Watch for Water and Snow – The cords should be clear of them
  • Fasten Outdoor Lights to trees, hours, or other supports – Secured enough but not too much to puncture roofing shingles
  • Avoid overloading electrical Outlets– Have just enough decorations

Get Your Fireplace Ready for Holidays

  • Inspect to check whether it needs cleaning
  • Keep a screen on the fireplace. It serves as a shield for embers not to pop out and land on your carpet or floor
  • Avoid burning wrapping paper in your fireplace as it could lead to flash fire
  • Take care with “fire salts” as they can cause vomiting if swallowed

Check on Your Insurance

While taking preventative measures for the holiday season is important, accidents do happen. You also need to be prepared for unexpected events, and possible insurance claims. Jeff Johnson Insurance offers some of the most competitive insurance packages in Des Moines, Waukee, and the rest of Central Iowa. This holiday season, give us a call at 515-987-6993 and let us help you choose the best type of insurance for your home. You can also check out the convenient Quote Request form for an estimate.